Run your code anywhere.

Ogre is a metacompiler that analyzes source code to create the best runtime environment for it.

"But it runs on my machine..." ¯\(ツ)/¯

- every other developer

At, we are reimagining the role of code compilers in a world where AI is everywhere.


Reimagining the Compiler

Ogre prioritizes developer productivity.

Increase Code Usability

Eliminate the need for developers to figure out and install dependencies manually, especially when working with third-party and/or poorly-documented code bases.

Get the most out of your R&D efforts

Help CTOs and engineering managers maximize the value of R&D efforts by guaranteeing that research code will be runnable out-of-the-box anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

Enable the creation of a new generation of AI-powered products that can be deployed anywhere, from the cloud to the edge.

DevOps Superpowers

Amplify the performance of engineering teams by providing them with DevOps skills at the tip of their fingers




pip install
Collecting ogre_run
Downloading ogre_run (3.2 kB)
Installing collected packages: ogre-run
Successfully installed ogre-run-0.8.0

The full power of Ogre. Right from your terminal.

Your code running anywhere with a single command.

The Extension

App Image

Powerful extension. Seamlessly integrated.

Get your repo ready to share with just a couple of clicks.

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